Monday, October 3, 2016

More Elimination - Rice Noodles or Thai Peanut Sauce and Meat

I think I have to subtract rice noodles from my list. Actually, I don't know if it is the rice noodles or the fantastic Thai Peanut Sauce I doused them with. Probably the latter since it tastes so good.

What am I calling "normal" and "completely normal"?   Crohn's has a lot to it that no one wants to talk about, that's why I've never attended a support group, or posted pictures of my colonoscopies - yes, I have seen this done. So normal, to me, is no more than two bowel movements a day with no blood. Completely normal, is the same with no loose stools. Yuck, that's out of the way. While on the liquid diet, and even with rice and carrots I was completely normal. Now instead of trying new foods, I am trying to get back to that state. I have eliminated meat over the weekend, and I think now I will pull back on spicy sauces. :(

I am all done with my Peptamen, but I do think I will continue with the shakes for breakfast. I'll have to play with the ingredients. I still haven't tried bananas. I'm going to eat one for a snack today to see how it goes before I incorporate them into shakes.

The good news is, I have no cramping, eczema, or Crohn's related arthritis. I feel great.

Well, I have to get ready for work. I'm pretty excited about today. I am going to lead a library instruction class with our new English professor, Owen Arnett, she seems cool. I have found some new materials that I think will be very helpful for our Rhetoric classes. I read a great article that led me to the BEAM Lesson Plan, which really breaks down the new frames for Information Literacy, and will help the kids incorporate their sources into their writing. I'm such a geek. But that's forgiveable, I am a librarian.

More Later. Thanks, Heather

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