Sunday, October 9, 2016


An elimination diet requires a lot of willpower, and  I have been doing pretty well, until Thursday when I met my son and his family for lunch at , you guessed it, a Mexican restaurant. I ordered a burrito, but I only had the pork tips and Mexican rice. It was incredibly delicious. No surprise, it gave me heartburn, but my tummy tolerated it pretty well. I should have just had the Mexican rice and nothing else. There's a certain amount of peer pressure involved at restaurants to order something "normal."

I hate the Humira commercials. They're not as bad as they used to be, and you're welcome. I am a Reference Librarian, and I called them once to tell them that I was prepared to launch a class action lawsuit since those commercials are some of the only information most people have about Crohn's disease. The first ones were one had a lady clutching her stomach and wandering in circles looking for a restroom, the other had a guy that was hoping to get through his job interview before his symptoms hit. They had new commercials within the week, coincidence? Maybe. The current one that I can't stand has a guy talking about how he was just managing his symptoms and on Pizza Day, he has to bring his lunch. Then they show him on Humira happily buying a burrito and an apple. While it is true that you can get away with eating a lot more on these biologic drugs, it is also true that you are taking a chance on their list of side effects. Lymphoma, other cancers, TB, horrific infections.

Okay, so once you cheat once, it's a slippery slope. Friday, I stayed home from work because of that sore throat thing that is going around campus. I got hungry and plumaged  around the refrigerator until I happened upon my husband's leftovers of Hamburger Helper. I had a small portion, and it was so yummy. I have crossed Hamburger Helper off of my list, not that it was on there to start with.

Saturday I was back on track. I had a lovely breakfast, but way too much of it. I boiled Basmati Rice in milk and spiced it with ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon sugar, and a pinch of salt. I think it will become a regular on my menu. I had butternut squash soup for lunch. I made it with frozen, pre-cubed squash which I boiled, mashed, and added Lactaid Milk, some protein powder, Jane's Krazy salt, ginger, and pumpkin pie spice. Of course, the protein powder is never a treat, but it's not too bad.

For dinner, I just snacked on black olives, and I went to sleep really early, still fighting off this cold. The key to willpower is wanting to continue with the progress you have made. A few slices of pizza could set you back a week. On the up side I have added black olives and butternut squash to my list of acceptable foods. I love black olives.  Good luck with keeping that willpower in check.

More later. Thanks, Heather

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