Friday, November 4, 2016

Say Cheese!

Great news! I have added goat cheese and feta to my safe list. My food selections are really shaping up. I have gone off of pre and probiotics for now. Sometimes these supplements just seem to make me worse. I have gone on glutamine, Zinc, and digestive enzymes, and I am doing very well. I also finally added a green vegetable, spinach, thoroughly cooked.

I went to my gastroenterologist a few days ago. I have been off of Humira since July 10,  I had a flare in August and got in under control with my new diet, which I found in an English newspaper:

He was not discouraging, but he clearly did not believe that it is working. He told me that if my next colonoscopy shows improvement he may recommend the diet to other patients. I am going to mark that in the win column. I feel confident that I will be improved over last year.

My favorite things to eat for dinner are:
Ritz Crackers and Goat Cheese with Cranberry Sauce
Turkey Burgers with Sweet Potatoes
Curried Tuna with Rice and Black Olives
Grilled Salmon with spinach and feta
and Flour Tortillas with Daiya Cheddar and a little Texas Pete microwaved for one minute.

I keep lunch pretty light. I have been eating Lactaid Cottage Cheese and Applesauce or my version of chicken soup, which has no chicken, just broth. I cook carrots and rice and combine the carrots, rice, and chicken broth and spice it to taste. It's pretty good.

Breakfast has been homemade rice cereal, my version of a smoothie - Daiya yogurt, one cup milk, and selected fruit juices, pomegranate, grape, etc., a Daiya tortilla, eggs, or a combination therein.

Staying on the diet has been challenging during Halloween, and will get much worse during the holidays, but I keep the reward of good health in my mind and think of the people that would give anything to alter their diet and be well.

More later. Thanks, Heather

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